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The Book of El Mundo del Spectrum

16x16 pixels book drawing

  • Updated Nov 02, 2016

The El Mundo del Spectrum team anounced some days ago the inminent publication of a book that has been in development for about a year and Half. My first impression is gorgeous, and the pages preview shown until today gives us big expectation about the content. Of Course the authors profile supports the idea that the book will be spectacular!.

At this moment the book is in prereserve period (with free shipment through a promoción code that can be found at that page), at a price around 23 Euros.

I’ve bough mine … what are you waiting for? run Forrest run!


Finalmentente no hay edicion digital accesible, muy mal por parte de la editorial, en cuanto a la edicion física, el contraste es bastante correcto mas contando con la cantidad de imágenes y gráficos, por lo que en este sentido esta bastante cuidado. Igual la fuente seria mas comoda un poco mas grande pero ciertamente rompería el diseño visual, aquí lo apropiado es la version digital maqueta da ad hoc para ese medio, pero no le pediremos de momento peras al olmo.

There are no digital accesible version, that’s it, there is no interest in people with dissability, the country with the – teorically – most advanced laws for inclusion, allows books into market without accesible version. Outrageous.

About the physical version, the contrast between texts and background is correct, the font could be bigger but the visual appearance could suffer. The most intelligent strategy for that is a digital version with it’s proper dynamic structure but know what? Dolmen doesn’t care about low vision users either … bad , tooo bad.

Screen reader is a technology that HAS to be supported by any product, let’s hope industry start to do things correctly in the future, but at this moment, there is a complete lack of interest to do so.

Some information about the book

El Mundo del Spectrum

Where to buy

Reparación Spectrum

8x8 pixel representation of the concept Speccy Repair

We’re giving a second childhood to our favorite machines, these days so it’s important to keep them ready to rumble!.

Precisely I recommend today a Spanish Repair Service, managed by Jesús VF, whom, from Facebook repair 16/48k models at an affordable price.

Because the announce that he shows on Facebook isn’t accesible with screen readers, I recommend direct contact, ask him if could take care of your zx baby!

I’m preparing to send my beloved +2 to be tuned and to incorporate an RCA output to be used at the same screen as ZX-UNO.

Dpnt miss that oportunity to take care of your Speccy!

Madrid Zx: The Spectrum Tour

Drawing of the representativa symbol of Madrid with some bars with colors of Sinclair's Zx Spectrum

Some weeks ago, “El Mundo del Spectrum” talked us about a Map of Madrid, a special one. This map allows us to visit the city with 80’s “goden age” in mind. It covers all major places related to the companies that made possible the spanish software industry in those years.

All the info can be checked here, in the blog “El Mundo del Spectrum” … An interesting map to visit Madrid at least once in a lifetime! 🙂

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