Iman Comics: Just Enjoy!

Representación en 16x16 Pixels del logo de Iman Comics

When someone not only creates a project but put his life on it, it’s just great, that’s the case with Image Comics, a shop born in the nineties that its just about “enjoying whatever you are passionate about”. you name it: videogames, comics, anime merchandising, action figures .. through the years this establishment hash Brough to anyone interested whatever it’s demanded the most on each moment.

There is a video on Youtbe (Spanish), that shows the shop and the kind of productos you can find there!

As you can see, a vast variety of anything you dream!.

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The Book of El Mundo del Spectrum

16x16 pixels book drawing

  • Updated Nov 02, 2016

The El Mundo del Spectrum team anounced some days ago the inminent publication of a book that has been in development for about a year and Half. My first impression is gorgeous, and the pages preview shown until today gives us big expectation about the content. Of Course the authors profile supports the idea that the book will be spectacular!.

At this moment the book is in prereserve period (with free shipment through a promoción code that can be found at that page), at a price around 23 Euros.

I’ve bough mine … what are you waiting for? run Forrest run!


Finalmentente no hay edicion digital accesible, muy mal por parte de la editorial, en cuanto a la edicion física, el contraste es bastante correcto mas contando con la cantidad de imágenes y gráficos, por lo que en este sentido esta bastante cuidado. Igual la fuente seria mas comoda un poco mas grande pero ciertamente rompería el diseño visual, aquí lo apropiado es la version digital maqueta da ad hoc para ese medio, pero no le pediremos de momento peras al olmo.

There are no digital accesible version, that’s it, there is no interest in people with dissability, the country with the – teorically – most advanced laws for inclusion, allows books into market without accesible version. Outrageous.

About the physical version, the contrast between texts and background is correct, the font could be bigger but the visual appearance could suffer. The most intelligent strategy for that is a digital version with it’s proper dynamic structure but know what? Dolmen doesn’t care about low vision users either … bad , tooo bad.

Screen reader is a technology that HAS to be supported by any product, let’s hope industry start to do things correctly in the future, but at this moment, there is a complete lack of interest to do so.

Some information about the book

El Mundo del Spectrum

Where to buy

The Sword of Ianna (Retroworks)

16x16 Pixels representation of the logo of "The Sword of Ianna"

Sometimes Gandalf appears to fulfill Hobbits Happiness and share himself the joy of a peaceful life, thats the case with “The Sword of Ianna”, recently revealed in RetroSevilla 2016, here is the trailer!

Just IM-PRE-SI-VE, the fulfill of our wildest dream on Barbarian with a Prince of Persia sweet taste!. A technical achievement reserved for the retrocoders elite! smooth movement, tons of screens, enemies, weapons … and a Cartridge Physical edition that works on 128 models …

Javier Ortiz from “El Mundo del Spectrum” (Spanish) has interviewed one of the authors here is the video (Spanish):

Can’t Innovate Anymore? My ass. Phil Schiller

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Reparación Spectrum

8x8 pixel representation of the concept Speccy Repair

We’re giving a second childhood to our favorite machines, these days so it’s important to keep them ready to rumble!.

Precisely I recommend today a Spanish Repair Service, managed by Jesús VF, whom, from Facebook repair 16/48k models at an affordable price.

Because the announce that he shows on Facebook isn’t accesible with screen readers, I recommend direct contact, ask him if could take care of your zx baby!

I’m preparing to send my beloved +2 to be tuned and to incorporate an RCA output to be used at the same screen as ZX-UNO.

Dpnt miss that oportunity to take care of your Speccy!

FAQ: Why is my photo here on twitter?

8x8 Pixel Representation of a Nes Control Pad

Primarily because you’ve published a retro, games or videogames related image on instagram and added a hashtag to it to be found and enjoyed by people all around the world!

But that’s not the only reason, the question is, i loooove reviewing those images and sometimes commenting them with other people, that brings all of us new knowledge and reminds us our childhood!.

The thing is, i cannot review all what’s happening in instagram manually, so i’d started to use the API to tell me when and what were being shared, then i though … if i’m doing that for me.. why don’t share with others and, at the same time, credit the authors properly and bring them some extra followers? (that indeed deserves!)

So here we are. I must tell you something important, i do not make profit with your images, i just use them to enjoy our hobby, and learn about retro, gaming, and videogames, just as simple as that, no double intention, no secret plans of global world domination.

Why haven’t you asked me for permission?

Well, here is the controversial question, the first main reason is “because you’ve allowed it implicitly” why? you’ve shared the image in a way accessible by everyone around the world and also added hashtags to make sure it’s found properly, so I thing it’s perfectly normal to assume you want to share it and to be seen by others. I just make sure others also becomes aware about your great sharings!

Moreover, i never lie about who is the author (at least who shared in instagram), i share it telling everyone who shared that and also give the url to the original content. The appearance of the image itself respond only to logic, no-one wants to click a link only to see your image, but it’s possible that once someone sees the image then maybe could go to your profile to learn more.

And one more thing, for all those reasons, i consider what i do is just my Right to quote the content.

But i don’t want my photos there!

Well, if after all that you think that yet, just contact me via twitter or comment here giving me your instagram username (is the one used on giving credit to authors), if the photos are really your creation, i’ll block your user not to be considered for recommendation and also old twitter mentions deleted if possible.

For any further questions, please contact me!

Redesigning Pong: Player Profiles

3 Billion Dollars, that’s the estimated volume of potential sales in the Inclusive Gaming Market, so be it!.

Some of you may be thinking… why Inclusive Gaming? but moreover … Why Pong?. Well, there are two main reasons, besides the “i want to be a Inclusive Game Designer”, firs of all, I’m myself visually impaired, during the last 4 years i’ve lost about 75% of my visual capacity, but that’s not the only reason, it’s also because it’s a huge and funny challenge, to create games that could be played by anyone regarding it’s abilities, in a true balanced gaming environment.

But first things first, to achieve that, the first challenge is to learn how to create true inclusive experiences, and modern videogames are too complex to start from scratch, so i’ve selected a simpler game that will allow me to make the interesting questions and explore the answers.

Disability Profiles

So, first questions, which player profiles must we consider? we’ll imagine how to create the experience for:

  • Players without any disability
  • Visually Impaired Players
  • Hearing Imaired Players
  • Mobility Imaired Players
  • Cognitively Impaired Players

In the next posts we’ll try to create a method to include all those different profiles into our “simple” game experience, sounds like its quite a job!.

Hero Quest 2D: Online References

That video was the greatest surprise the last time i’ve searched for info about my game published by players, I’m honored someone created the video with the gameplay! That made me smile!.

Some databases referenced the game, as follows:

The game has been also … Poked! as seen in World of Spectrum, but also reviewed (i must say that it deserves a low score from a technical point of view, the value for me is personal!):

Not bad for a game created only to learn some basic, based on a book and without any technical merit. Jus the illusion for coding at last on a real computer 🙂

Hero Quest 2D: The Making of

Some graphics used in the game and some tested but not included in the final version

It’s time to share some insights into the game development, the years before this game was “remaked” i used to code only in paper, because i doesn’t have a computer, i wrote down the code into paper and sometimes i had luck and a friend let me test some of that code.

But when i bought my Spectrum +2 (The Grey One), I stated to play with code, those years were the golden era of “choose your own path” books, in which you select the hero actions through page selection (Search for “Tiumun Mas Elige Tu Propia Aventura”). At the same time i was able to get a copied version of “Graphic and Adventure Games” from Anaya, and i’ve started to learn coding through the programs inside.

One of them was “Dungeons and Demons”, the base for “Hero Quest 2D”, i put the code in my spectrum and star to modify it, added some feature: Rolls, Stores, Traps , Sounds, a loading screen …. when the machine told me “Memory Full”, then i stopped coding, and forgotten that in a box.

Some in game graphics drawn and coded manually in a paper

I started playing with audio chip, learned binary and character definition, all in Basic, i’ve read about machine code the years before, explored low level programming, but never put in practice because the lack of a computer. That was the moment i was to went into that, but in november 1994 i started to work, went to militar service, then my father bought a Pentium 100 PC… so i jumped directly to MS-DOS and forgot our beloved Spectrum …

Years later, during the era of es.comp.sistemas.simclair and IRC, i talked about that and told to save the game in tap format, so anyone could play it. The game is not the best of the world, but “better shared than forgotten”, so i write down the instructions txt and shared it. The rest is history.

A little game's code segment hand written into a cute in half printer paper

After that, someone sent it to WOS, and since then i’m proud that my little experiment were there!. Something maybe no-one knows … yet, the RYM in the loading screen was for “Raul y Marisa”, the girls i was in love then … and the girl who i never told it =S

Through the years some pages has been talking about it, creating pokes …. but that is another story to be told next week! 🙂

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Hero Quest 2D

Drawing of the main character, made with a grid of 8x8 pixels

It’s curious, i’m playing for the first time a serious game of “Hero Quest 2D”, a game i’ve created on 1994 based on one called “Dungeons and Demos” from an Anaya book “Graphic and Adventure Games”.

This christmas, i’ve decided to play it, to do a map, and use snapshots to save state and continue playing for several days. I’m enjoying it too mucho, but i recognize that the game is not a A+++ game … nor a D— one.

However, this was the first “serious” code i’ve written in my life (at least in front of a real computer) and because of that, it’s a very special piece of shit, my little pretty piece of shit 🙂

Image of Hero Quest 2D Loading Screen

I’m however surprised because there is an entry in World of Spectrum, a gameplay video on Youtube, pokes and reviews! of the game. Those reviews give me a 2.9/10 (more than the game deservers xD) , but that make me proud.

For that reason, i’m going to write two more posts about this game, one telling about the creating process and sharing some secrets (like who was the “M” in loading screen xD) and also another exploring the references made to the game by other people.

I’ll write it and share during the next two weeks if possible, so stay tuned!

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Designing Microhobbit

Primera versión del diseño de la Web, y homenaje a la revista original

These days i’m “on vacation” for Christmas, but i’m looping forward to catch the worm, i’ve started the theme design, honoring the original magazine, but rethinking it under the perspective “what if MH still be published today?”.

Let’s see the results, for now, you can see my progress here. Enjoy!

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